4 Flavours of Ruins

The scenery making bandwagon continues its relentless roll towards 12 tables for the 2018 Age of Sigmar masters in Australia and over the past fortnight I’ve been working on some Azyrite Ruins for a number of different tables.

I wanted to put together a quick post showing how I’m dressing up the ruins to fit different themes.

One kit, lots of possibilities.

Azyrite Ruins

Shameless bit of promotion: it’s a great kit! I obtained several a few months back thinking they had only half the contents they had but it turns out there’s quite a lot to them.

Basic prep and assembly

You get double what you see in the sprues above. It’s a good quality kit, easy to assemble and gentle on the mold lines.


I had a few to get through… woops.

Several hours of filing later, I’ve got a bunch of ruins pieces to work with. I had a go at building some multi-story ruins and managed to come up with a couple of nice pieces.



I tend to be quite rigid when I’m making bases for my scenery. There’s no really good reason why beyond liking to have a bit of control over how much table space a full set of scenery will take up.


After all these are cut out I use construction adhesive to glue the ruins to the MDF.

Four Flavours of Ruins

I’ve already used some in my Realm of Ghur table that I didn’t really do much to other than adding some fake succulents to fit the theme of the table.

I’m going to do something similar by adding mushrooms to some ruins for a future table. As a bit of a sneak peek at what I’ll be using, the Mushrooms I’ll be using are these.

They actually come from a ‘Fairy Gardening’ supplies place (which I’ve just recently learnt is a thing). They’re made of resin, ranging from 4cm to 12cm in height.

Unfortunately they haven’t arrived yet so I don’t have much to show, suffice to say they’ll be very similar to the Ghur table in terms of implementation.

For the next two, things get a little interesting.

Firstly a Deepkin themed table. I’ve added some pieces of blue foam so that once I get some filler and sand on I can give the impression of banked up sand, as though the tide has come and gone. I’ve also added some chunks of fake coral. I bought an aquarium ornament and smashed it into several pieces. Mix it all together and you get this.



At the time of these photos I’m still waiting for glue to dry so I haven’t had a chance to add the filler yet. I’ll chuck some more photos on Twitter once I get that far, but hopefully you get the idea.

These elements of piled up sand and pieces of coral will be spread across the whole table.

Finally, we have a Nurgle table on the go. You may have seen this image on Twitter earlier in the week.


These are not dumplings, Matt.

This is the result of putting small amounts of Expanding Foam on a glossy surface (so it doesn’t stick) and waiting 24 hours or so for it to set.


It naturally forms a smooth bulbous shape – perfect for some giant blisters of filth on a Nurgle table. A bit of trimming later, and we get this.


Finally, some tentacles, to give the impression of Nurgle’s corruption spreading throughout the ruins.



This will of course be covered with filler, gravel and sand to blend it all together but overall I’m hoping you can see where I’m heading with this. Again I plan on putting these elements across the whole table to tie it all together.

Up next

I’m hoping to get all these into a much more finished state over the next week or so and I’ll put some images up on Twitter when I do.

After that I’ll be focusing on the build for my Free Peoples Village table and Nurgle table.

On a non-scenery related note I’m also working more on my Chaos army which I hope to show more of soon.

As usual, thanks for reading!

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