Chamon, the Realm of Metal – Part 2

After a bit of a hiatus due being away for two events and sick for a number of weeks I’ve finally gotten back into two things:

  1. Working on my Slaves to Darkness army… more on that later in the week!
  2. Painting terrain for my increasingly ambitious goal of completing 12 tables of terrain for the Australian AoS masters this year.

You may remember my Realm of Chamon (metal) table from a few months back. It was actually the first one that I built but I’ve jumped around a bit since then. You can see details of the build in this post.

To refresh your memory this is where the table got up to.


Side note – if anyone knows how to photograph something this big without random stuff from my garage in the shot, please tell me!

There is basically three different pieces on the table:

  1. 3D printed pieces by Dark Fantastic Mills.
  2. Larger metal ‘crystal’ pieces from blue foam.
  3. Hills made up geometric pieces of various heights.


The colours

In terms of a colour scheme I wanted to keep the Realm of Metal theme on the piece. When I first thought about this table a few months back I downloaded a picture of Bismuth to work from. That’s this stuff by the way:



In the end, I painted the whole table with these colours:


Not pictured here because I used the last of it and foolishly threw out the empty bottle before I could get a family photo is Aluminium by Model Air.

I also used Nebula Copper, a colorshift paint by Greenstuff World. It’s difficult to photograph but there’s a slight colour shifting appearance to all the metal on the table.

The Eclipse Grey, Mechanicum Standard Grey and Administratum Grey were all colour matched at the local hardware into half litre tins. Given the volume of paint I’ll be using not only for this table but also several others it’s the way to go.


The process

After a black undercoat I used an airbrush to spray a base coat of ‘Rust’. After that, a rough highlight of ‘Copper’ and then some ‘Artic Blue’ towards the bottom of each piece. Finally the tips of each pieces were given a light touch of Aluminium.

After that was all dry, a couple of coats of Nebula Copper to finish them off.


After the metals were done I moved on to the bases and the hills. They were all done the same. Base coat of Eclipse Grey, first drybrush of Mechanicum Standard grey and second of Administratum Grey. The edges of the hexagons on the hills were given a heavier drybrush.

After the paint was done I added some patches of static grass and some yellow and green flower tufts for a bit of colour.


The end result



‘Crystal’ formations




The full table




In the end I was happy with how this came out but I don’t think the table is as nice as the Realm of Ghur (beasts) table that I made. If I get time I might revisit some of the pieces later in the year.

I also think I’ll add some green patches to the base boards so it blends in a little more with the grass on the pieces of terrain.


Up next

Aside from continued work on my Slaves to Darkness army I will be working on some Azyrite ruins for a variety of tables. I’ll be looking to take the basic kit and theme it for four different tables in a number of ways.

I’m also looking to set up a new website and a little side venture that I’ve been cooking up. I’ve also got a plan in place to make more regular updates here.

As usual thanks for reading!

One thought on “Chamon, the Realm of Metal – Part 2

  1. Nice work! The Spires are probably my favorite of the bunch, really interesting shape and metal transition. I hadn’t ever thought of color matching a miniature paint down at the local hardware store before, but makes perfect sense for these big projects.


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