Ghur, the Realm of Beasts

Construction on the second of twelve tables is now complete with only a Realmgate to go which should be making its way to me soon.

I’ve been sneaking a few pictures onto Twitter as I went along and I’ve had a few questions about how I did certain things so without further introduction let’s get to the good bit.

General info

A few points to get us started that are common to all the pieces you see here:

  1. The bases of each terrain piece is 6mm MDF board. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, if you are going to cut or sand MDF board please use appropriate safety equipment. You absolutely should not be breathing the dust it creates.
  2. Unless otherwise noted below, all the gluing was done with Liquid Nails. It’s an all-purpose construction adhesive that will glue just about anything to anything else.

Cork Bark

To get the desired texture on the rocky features on this table I used a lot of Cork Back. It’s a great product, easy to cut to size and has a nice natural look to it.

I bought a bag of mixed off-cuts and also two tubes.



Rocky Outcrops

Originally I was gong to make some pieces the same size as a Citadel Wood, but once the other pieces came together I needed to reduce the size on these pieces a bit so that it all fit on the table.

I missed the first photo here, but after cutting some pieces of MDF to the size I wanted I had a dig through my Cork Bark off-cuts until I found some bits that fit nicely. I also got some small Azyrite Ruins pieces and added them in and then glued the whole lot down with construction adhesive.

Next some filler to blend it all together.


The filler blends the bark to the base and hides all the joins. Finally I give the whole lot a coat of sand with a few sprinkles of bonsai pebbles.



These are pretty straight forward. Azyrite Ruins straight out of the box, glued to an MDF base, sand and bonsai pebbles to complete.


Rocky plateaus

To create some nice line-of-sight blocking terrain for this table I decided to create some rocky pillars. Originally I was going to do this so that it looked like the old Looney Tunes style dessert scenery that you saw in episodes of Road Runner (feel free to run that through Google if you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a bit dated!)

I changed direction though and went with the cork bark tubes.

To start off with I cut the tubes to lengths of between 6 and 8 inches. I actually used a power saw to do this but you could do it with a regular old hand saw easily enough.

I then placed these temporarily on an MDF board and traced around them to get the footprint right for the bases. Once it was all settled I glued them down with construction adhesive.


The blue paint on the top was put there to help with cutting blue foam for the next step. I put the paint around the edges of the opening and then placed a piece of blue foam over the top so the paint transferred. After that, cut the blue foam to the right shape and then glue into place.


I left this to dry for a day so that the blue foam was well and truly in place. After that, some filler to completely seal the openings and also to blend the bases into the bark tubes.


Bonus Azyrite Ruins in this photo because I was too lazy to move them!


The idea here was to create something that looked like a sand dune. Not really sure if I’m happy how these came out, but they’ll do for now.

First, some jelly bean shaped MDF and matching piece of blue foam. I wanted it to look like it was a wind-swept landscape.


Once they were stuck together I gave them a sand to smooth them out and bring the edges of the foam closer to the base piece of MDF.



On a side note, each hill is about 50mm or 2 inches tall. This might be problematic for positioning of miniatures. If this winds up being the case I’ll probably redo these two pieces.

Next, just like everything else, some filler to blend it all together. Once this was dry they got a light sand to smooth it all out again.


Construction complete

In the end this is what I came up with. They’ll be sealed (already done) and painted next.


Once this table is painted it will have a decent chunk of vegetation added in the form of some artificial succulents.

Not sure what table I’ll work on next. I’ve got the Free Peoples village underway but that’s a longer-term project so I might take a run at the Aztec or Nurgle table next.

Until then, thanks for stopping by and reading.

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