Twelve Tables – part 2

On the back of my previous post listing the first six tables I plan to produce for the 2018 Australian Masters I’ve now got the second lot sorted out.

Unfortunately I’ve been sick for the last week and a half now and still not 100% so my progress on building the tables at the moment has been extremely limited. I’m hoping to be fully back on my feet this weekend and that will allow me to get construction on the first table done.

A quick reminder – the tables needed to follow some rules I set for myself:

  1. Since this is for matched play, every table will have the same number of scenery pieces and be roughly symmetrical.
  2. Again due to this being for matched play, the pieces of scenery need to be functional as well as looking pretty.
  3. Each table needs to have a realmgate on it. No real reason here other than I think it fits nicely in AoS.
  4. Each table will have a centre piece.
  5. Each table will have a theme. I could just put together a pile of scenery and not worry about exactly how the tables look, but I like the idea of each table being something unique.

Table seven: Realm of Shyish (Death)

For this one I’ll be making another visit to by @Garrisimo to pick up some 3D printed pieces and mixing them in with Games Workshop stuff.

  • 4x Citadel Woods with some of the ‘Ribs’ (3D printed) mixed in with the actual trees.
  • 2x small graveyards
  • Large graveyard
  • 2x temple ruins (3D printed)
  • 2x Sphinx (3D printed)
  • Realmgate

Table eight: Desert

This is another ‘classic’ table I’ve always wanted to do. I don’t want to do a fully barren wasteland though and I think Ikea of all places will be the ones to help with that. For the vegetation on this table I plan on using a bunch of artificial plants, succulents specifically, spread throughout all the pieces.

  • 3x ruins (the new Azyrite ones)
  • 2x catcus tree stands
  • 2x sand dune hills
  • 2x large stacked boulders (think Looney Tunes style from the Roadrunner cartoons… who remembers that?)
  • 2x small stacked boudlers
  • Realmgate

Table nine: Mushroom Forrest

I’m not going to pretend I came up with this idea on my own. Ever since I saw the amazing blue mushroom Moonclan army and accompanying scenery by @Bishmeister1 I’ve wanted to a do a table just like it.

I plan on keeping all the shapes on this table quite rounded and organic looking.

  • 4x mushroom ‘tree’ stands
  • 3x rocky outcrop (I found some great aquarium pieces that will provide a nice smooth looking rock to accompany the mushrooms)
  • 2x large-height mushroom groups
  • 2x medium-height mushroom groups
  • Realmgate

Table ten: Khorne

A few days after I came up with this idea I learnt that the vast majority of the Chaos Dreadhold scenery was no longer available, but thanks to some help from the customer service folks at Games Workshop I was able to arrange for several kits to be sent to my local store from various locations scattered through-out the country.

Great news!

Now it seems Australia Post has lost half of it. Not great news. I’m hoping it all shows up. If it doesn’t, then I’ll need a new plan here.

  • 2x corner pieces (scenery that sits specifically in the corner of the table, I might revisit this as I’m not sure it fits with the Matched Play requirement). These pieces will Overlord Bastion and Malefic Gateway kits.
  • Large centrepiece consisting of an Overlord Bastion, some rocks, pools of blood and a fountain using a weird daemon head statue I found a few years ago.
  • 4x rocky spire ‘tree’ stands
  • 2x Skull Keep
  • 2x small blood pools
  • Realmgate

Table eleven: Nurgle

With the Maggotkin of Nurgle release not too far behind us I wanted to throw together something to fit. I actually put this in the list as a way to try out a few ideas I have for making a disgusting looking table that isn’t just slime overkill. Everything will have a touch of nurgle to it.

  • 4x tree stands
  • 4x infested ruins (Azyrite ones with Deathworld forrest pieces mixed in)
  • 1x large rocky outcrop / slime pools
  • 2x medium rocky outcrop / slime pools
  • Realmgate

Table twelve: Idoneth Deepkin raid

With the Deepkin around the corner how could I resist!?

I found some great fake coral pieces for aquariums that will suit nicely, plus a couple of the new shipwreck kits, and throw in some Laketown House kits from LotR and I think we’ll have a nice table showing a sea-side town that’s been raided by the Deepkin.

  • 2x tree stands
  • 2x Shipwrecks (half)
  • 1x Shipwreck (full)
  • 2x Coral outcrops
  • 4x Azyrite Ruins
  • Realmgate

This table will also some non-scenery pieces of scenery (bits that are just for show, not intended to be rolled for) including a shoreline and maybe a small river.

That’s it for now. Assuming my lingering illness goes away I hope to have some results to show you all in the next week or so.

As usual, thanks for stopping by!

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