Twelve Tables – part 1

A few weeks back I mentioned a goal I set for myself to produce tables for the 2018 Australian Masters.

Now that the news is out about the plan to have space for 24 players this year rather than the traditional 16 this means I need to produce 12 tables. Not a small task by any stretch of the imagination!

As I’ve mentioned before, the first thing I did when I set this task was to sit down and come up with some themes for each table.

A quick reminder – the tables needed to follow some rules I set for myself:

  1. Since this is for matched play, every table will have the same number of scenery pieces and be roughly symmetrical.
  2. Again due to this being for matched play, the pieces of scenery need to be functional as well as looking pretty.
  3. Each table needs to have a realmgate on it. No real reason here other than I think it fits nicely in AoS.
  4. Each table will have a centre piece.
  5. Each table will have a theme. I could just put together a pile of scenery and not worry about exactly how the tables look, but I like the idea of each table being something unique.


Without any further preamble, here’s my 12 ideas.


Table one: Free peoples village

This one I’ve mentioned already. I’ll be using the tabletop world pieces for the most part.

  • 2x Citadel Woods
  • 2x small houses
  • Medium house
  • Merchant shop
  • Blacksmith
  • Watermill
  • Large house
  • Guard tower
  • Graveyard
  • Realmgate

There’s also going to be a bit of a water feature on one table corner and a river but I’m not counting these as scenery pieces for gaming purposes.


Table two: Realm of Chamon (Metal)

When I first thought about this table I pictured Bismuth. For anyone who’s not sure, it’s this stuff:



With this in mind I wanted to include a lot of geometric shapes. I’ve picked up several pieces in the past from by @Garrisimo which will feature on this table. I also have some molds from Combined with some blue foam in a process that I’ll detail later we wind up with something like this:



As for the rest of the table:

  • 4x ‘Metal forest’ trees (using these metal spires)
  • 4x Hexagon spires
  • 2x small geometric hills like the one shown above
  • 1x large geometric hill
  • 1x Realmgate


Table three: Aztec Jungle

This is more of classic throwback to the world-that-was. An Aztec / Jungle / Lizardman table. I’ll be using lots of Aquarium plants and some greenstuff rollers from greenstuff world to produce some nice Aztec-themed ruins and temples.

  • 2x Jungle patches (same size as a Citadel Wood)
  • 2x smaller jungle patches (I wanted a lot of foliage on this table)
  • 2x water features (thinking Lizardman spawning pool style)
  • 2x small ruins
  • 2x small Aztec pyramid
  • 1x large Aztec pyramid
  • Realmgate


Table four: Ice table

For this one I wanted to produce what I guess you’d consider a ‘classic’ ice table. The features are the usual suspects. I want to include a lot of soft shapes in the form of snow drifts and hard shapes in the form of ice crystals. I want it to look like a blizzard is in full force while two armies battle it out.

  • 3x houses (log cabin style!)
  • 2x large snow drifts
  • 2x small snow drifts
  • 2x large ice crystals
  • 2x small ice crystals
  • Realmgate

I’m a little nervous on this one. I think I need something to add a bit of excitement to it.


Table five: Realm of Aqshy (Fire)

This is fairly straight forward table – fire, ash, volcanic rock. I’ve stumbled across some great volcanic rocks used for lizard enclosures at a pet store a week or so ago that will form several parts of this table. I neglected to grab a photo though.

I’m also going to break out the hexagon hills again for this one.

  • 4x scorched tree stands (Citadel Wood size)
  • 2x small hexagonal hills with lava features
  • 1x large hexagonal hill with lava features
  • 2x ‘ash vents’ (think hole in the ground with ash spewing out of it)
  • 2x ‘lava vents’ (think the opening of an active volcano)
  • Realmgate


Table six: Shattered Realm / Realm of Chaos

This one is heavily inspired by the ‘shattered realm’ 3d printed terrain that I’ve seen floating about (literally!) but I wanted to make my own so that the pieces could be a little larger.

I’ll use clear acrylic rod to suspend the floating pieces and make it look like chunks of the ground are floating away.

  • 3x medium floating islands
  • 1x large floating island
  • 2x shattered towers (think a stone tower that is breaking up and floating upwards)
  • 2x ‘ruptured ground’ ( I want to create something that looks like the ground is tearing open)
  • 2x tree stands (Citadel Wood)
  • Realmgate


That’s it for now. The other six I’ll post up in a week or two and I’ll be previewing the first WIP terrain pieces after the Easter long weekend.

As usual, thanks for stopping by!

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