Coming soon: More scenery than you can poke a stick at

About six months ago I was having a chat to Clint from Heralds of War about all things Cancon 2018 and I volunteered to put together some boards for use at the event.

They are 3mm sheets of MDF painted in various colours that sit over the top of the blank supplied tables. It’s a huge step up from the green table clothes we were given to play on last year.


When I was working on this I rekindled a passion for building scenery. In my old regular gaming group from about 15 years ago I was ‘the scenery guy’. I really enjoyed making scenery and I think it was something I was good at.

With my enthusiasm for making scenery back I made a commitment for the Australian Age of Sigmar Masters 2018. I am going provide a full set of scenery for every table at the Masters event this year.


The Plan

With this rather lofty plan in mind, I sat down and came up with a plan of how I was going to do this:

  1. Since this is for matched play, every table will have the same number of scenery pieces and be roughly symmetrical.
  2. Again due to this being for matched play, the pieces of scenery need to be functional as well as looking pretty.
  3. Each table needs to have a realmgate on it. No real reason here other than I think it fits nicely in AoS.
  4. Each table will have a centre piece.
  5. Each table will have a theme. I could just put together a pile of scenery and not worry about exactly how the tables look, but I like the idea of each table being something unique.

At time of writing this I have roughly 38 weeks to get this all done. It’s not a simple task but I think I can give it a good shot.

Next I set about working out the themes I was going to use. I have almost all of them locked in at this time and I’m quite excited to get working on it all. I’m not going to list the themes right now as I am still settling on a couple of them but there is one I know I will be doing for sure.


The Free Peoples Village

The world that was got blown to pieces, but the people in the mortal realms have to live somewhere, right? A town, village, a full sized city.

About six months ago I made the mistake of visiting the Tabletop World website. I say ‘mistake’ because I wound up purchasing some pieces. My bank account balance wasn’t happy with me. We didn’t speak for a full two weeks. I had to sleep on the couch!



They’re not the cheapest scenery pieces going around but I think they’re well worth the money you pay. The detail level is extreme, the casts are all top notch and assembly was a breeze. They fit exactly the theme I had in mind for this table.

As you can see from the images above I’ve already started working on some of them. I’ve mixed in the walls and fences kit from Games Workshop to make them look more like a house that someone might living in, or a shop that might be open for business… well, until the battle started that was! There will be a river section on the table as well as evidenced by the water mill piece.

I have one more piece on the way for this table, a rather nice centre piece indeed!


So why am I telling you all this?

Over the next 38 weeks I will be putting together scenery fairly regularly. I plan on documenting it as I go and doing my very best to remember that work in progress and step-by-step photos are a thing.

Other than the Tabletop World pieces and some 3D printed scenery I will be be using some kits from Games Workshop, many of which are on their way to my assembly monkey… I mean, my wonderful helper. These will be blended together with the rest of the pieces that will be built from scratch.

Anything built from scratch I’ll try and keep up to date lists of the materials and products used so you can play along at home if you want.

And I intend to use mirrors. That is not a typo.


As always, thank you for stopping by and reading my little blog.

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