End Result: Captain-General Trajann Valoris

After a bit of a delay due to some travel for work I’ve managed to get my Captain-General Trajann Valorissd finished.

My goal for this model was to practice non metallic metal (NMM), and I think I really got some good lessons out of it and learnt a lot.

First up, some pictures, although I must say (once again…) that I forgot to do real progress shots. I get into a bit of a zone when I get painting and forget to take more photos. Really need to try and remember more in the future.








How it was done

There’s a bunch of existing NMM tutorials out there on the internet already and I’m not going to write another one specifically. There was two that I read specifically.

The first was several posts from David Soper’s blog. You can find several articles by searching “NMM” on his blog or by clicking here.

Secondly I watched a series of videos by Painting Budda / Ben Comets, the first of which you can find on Youtube here and then watch the rest after that.

In both cases, I didn’t really 100% copy what they were saying, but I did use elements of it and put it into my own work. Both are incredible examples of not just NMM but painting in general so I’m a LONG way from that level.

The three main colours I used for the gold were these:


There was about 7 different tones ranging from straight Rhinox Hide through to little dots of Ivory.


This is half of one sheet of baking paper from the wet palette. It’s essential in this case but also more of a habit for me. Being from Australia where it can get quite warm if I don’t use one my pain dries up in a matter of minutes.

My personal review

Overall I was really happy with how it turned out. I learnt a lot too.

  1. Whenever I decide to go for NMM again, I need to be really mindful of light sources. A few times I painted a part of the gold and then realised that I had the reflections around the wrong way, or the light side and dark side were flipped.
  2. I need to refine my formula for the silver parts of the model. I used Incubi Darkness as the base and worked up to almost pure white, but I’m not 100% happy with it.
  3. I want to spend some more time practicing faces.
  4. I wasn’t happy with how the robes turned out. There was a really nasty joint line on both sides near the shoulders. One is covered by the lion pelt, the other is not. I tried to fix it and actually ended up stuffing up the cloak. I mostly got it back to normal but it’s clearly visible. I decided to just move on though as the purpose of this was practicing NMM.

If anyone has any criticism or advice they’d like to offer I would be happy to hear it. Shoot me a message on Twitter.

What’s next

I’m travelling again for work for a few days so my painting time is reduced this fortnight. I’m also not going to do one of the four harbingers as they’ll be all over the place already and Games Workshop has done video tutorials on all of them.

Instead I’m going to start on my first 10 Chaos Warriors for my Sigmar’s Fallen aka Slaves to Darkness army.

As usual, thanks for reading!

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