Step-by-step: Spoilpox Scrivener

As part of my personal hobby goals for 2018, I’ve decided that I’m going to start painting a ‘random’ model every couple of weeks in an attempt to branch out from my usual painting projects. I’d also like it to double as an attempt to try some new things as well.

In addition to all that, I plan on documenting the each one, talking about anything new that I do, and do a sort of review on models as I go. To make that somewhat relevant I’ll be picking a new release model.

First up I decided to go with the Spoilpox Scrivener.


Why Spoilpox Scrivener?

I love the giant mouth. It’s awesome. That’s pretty much why I picked it.

The model


Goes together amazingly well as I’ve come to expect for all the new models. Joints are practically non-existent. There was only one section that had an significant level of mold lines on it and even then it was the underside of the right leg, so really, not even noticeable.

I used Liquid Greenstuff on mine because I’m overly picky when it comes to assembling and tidying up my models but you could easily skip this step and it probably wouldn’t make a difference.

I did decide to keep him in two parts initially until I at least got some of the base colours down.

Step 1: Pre-shades


  1. Black undercoat.
  2. Zenithal Grey and White layers.
  3. Deathworld Forrest.

I used an airbrush to do this because I have one, but you could easily achieve the same thing with spray cans.

Step 2: Base colours and washes


  1. Screamer Pink on the guts, tounge and any other exposed fleshy bits.
  2. XV-88 on the scrolls and the bone.
  3. Mournfang Brown on the rope and leatherwork.
  4. Macragge Blue on the quill.
  5. Jokaero Orange on the boils.

After all this I played around with both Agrax Earthshade and Athonian Camoshade adding some depth to different bits of the flesh of the model. I also washed down the Screamer Pink with Druchii Violet and the quill with Drakenhof Nightshade.

Step 3: First highlights


  1. Green highlights are Deathworld Forrest to Nurgling Green.
  2. Bone is XV-88 to Ushabti Bone (although at this point I’ve only gone to Karak Stone.
  3. Guts and other formerly Scream Pink bits are worked towards Slaanesh Grey.
  4. The boils (which you can’t really see here) were worked from Jaekaro Orange all the way to pure white.
  5. The Quill is Macragge Blue through to almost pure white.
  6. The lips on the weird mouth are Bugman’s Glow (with a light wash of Druchii Violet) through to Kislev Flesh.

At this point I hadn’t decided how to paint the scrolls as I wanted them to be different to the other bone.

Step 4: Hmm… that didn’t come out right

At this point I Attached the arm and finsihed a lot of the highlights (namely the bone and the lips on the mouth). I then took a step back and looked at the model and decided I had to fix a few things.


The bits I’ve circled about I decided I wasn’t happy with. The highlights were a little stark and didn’t blend too well and the work on the lower lips were a bit rough. I went back and fixed that up.

Step 5: Scrolls and Brass

(This photo is particularly bad, I’ll use my proper camera setup in the future!)


I settled on a more yellow base for the scrolls. I started with XV-88, followed by Balor Brown, then worked through to Ushabti Bone.

The sides of the scrolls and the hilt of the sword were done with Brass Scorpion, washed with Agrax Earthshade, re-highlighted with Brass Scorpion, and finally given a light coat of Nihilakh Oxide.

Step 6: Progress so far


This is where I’m up to for now. I have a bit of tidying up to do and I’ve noticed in this photo that I’ve actually missed part of the scroll.

Whats next

I’m going to put a pause on this model for now as I want to try creating a proper display base for this model. I have no plans to ever actually use it in a game or create a Nurgle army so I don’t need it to be on a proper base.

I’m going to actually attempt a scenic plinth for the base which is something that I’ve never done before.

At that point, I’ll be doing some ‘dirtying up’ on the model so the scroll on the ground, the nurgling, and his lower legs will all be changed slightly.

I’m hoping to get that done in the next week or so and then I’ll break out the proper photography setup and get some decent pictures up.

Next weeks model

I’ve chosen Captain-General Trajann Valoris. He’s a nice model, perhaps a little static looking, but I think it fits the Custodians for it to be that way.

As usual, thanks for stopping by and I’m more than happy to receive constructive feedback.

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