Sigmar’s Fallen – Chaos Knights

Work on Sigmar’s Fallen continues, this time with some progress on the Chaos Knights and a start on something new.

Chaos Knights

The Chaos Knights have progressed nicely but so far and are now complete with the notable exception of their missing heads. I’ve managed to acquire some more Chaos Knight heads (the real ones, not Paladors!). Once these arrive the unit will be completely assembled. After that, they just need the ‘corruption’ treatment that the whole army will be getting in short time.


There’s a lot of greenstuff work to do on these. I need to fit up the joins between Lord of Change head and the body of the mount and there’s a bunch of small icons that I’ve shaved off that need covering, particularly around the fur cloaks.

Up next…

Next on the list for the army is some Chaos Chosen. They’ll be built based on Paladins, which unfortunately have a lot ‘Sigmar’ stuff hanging off them that will need removing, covering or corrupting. Early days, but work has begun!


Once again thanks for stopping by and checking out my little blog. I’ll try and put more updates up as I go.

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