Adeptus Mechanicus

I’ve been a bit quiet online lately. Real life has taken over a lot of my time and I’ve attended a couple of events so my online updates have been sporadic at best. Hoping to change that!

After many  a late night I got my Adeptus Mechanicus done for The Norris 1000, a 1k event in Melbourne, Australia each year that I use as a reason to get a new Warhammer 40,000 army done. It times nicely with Armies on Parade so it’s a two birds, one stone, situation.

Without further preamble, lets get into it!

Colour Scheme


I wanted to do something outside the norm for the army, so I straight ruled out red as a colour for the army. I wanted to do something that looked ‘dirty’ so I varied my painting style a little and I think it came out okay.

I’ve gone with Bone and Black for the main colours and then put that against the brightly coloured lava bases and blue weapon glows.



The Dominus was fun to build and paint. I wanted to add some kind of banner for two reasons. Firstly to make him unique, and secondly because the event I attended gave you a point for having character banners or similar. Gotta work for those points!


Rangers and Vanguard



Once I played my first game with these guys I realised that I got the weapon load out wrong. The Alphas have a backpack banner to add a little flair… and more points.




My actual 1000 point army only has 4 of these in it, but I put all of them together. My original plan was to use magnets to allow me to swap weapons but I was short on time in the end so I just made 3 of each – grav cannons and plasma.




These two were a challenge to paint. The theme I was going for didn’t translate well onto the larger models initially so I had to adapt a little bit by adding the weathering. These two are fully kitted out with magnets so I can swap between the different weapons.

Future plans

For now I’m going to set these aside as I have a few other projects on the go – both hobby wise and real life. I have a couple of Forge World kits buried in my cupboard of shame somewhere that I’ll do eventually and I’d like to do basically one of each unit that I don’t have and a Cawl as well.

Thanks again for stopping by.

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