Display board flooring 101

Over the past few weeks I’ve been slowly chipping away at my display board for The Norris 1000 (a small hobby-focused 40k event I plan on attending) and Armies on Parade 2017. I’ve put a few pics up on Twitter and wanted to put together a post explaining the process and construction method I’m using in a bit more detail – specifically the flooring tiles.

Planning, planning, planning…

Before I built anything I spent at solid week just planning things out. After the rough initial plan was sketched out on paper I moved on to working out how I was going to achieve the look I wanted for the floor of the raised area on the display board.

I knew I wanted something that looked like the Games Workshop Industrial scenery.


I did briefly entertain the idea of actually using these pieces, but given the area I was looking to cover I would have been spending over $1000 to do it… pass!

Last year for Armies on Parade I had some MDF pieces cut on a CNC laser cutter. The end result was really cool and I learned a lot along the way. I decided to go down this path again this year and started drawing the designs for my floor.


The flooring pieces are shown on the left in the image above. The basic plan was to have a bunch of ‘grid’ pieces cut and then other bits and pieces underneath them so that it resembled the Games Workshop terrain pieces.

Additional pieces include an assortment of plastic strips, diamond plate plastic card, guitar strings, and the off-cut pieces from having the grids cut.

So with all my goodies in hand, it’s on to the assembly.

Step 1


First up I glued down a large grid of 2mm high strips of plastic that the CNC’d pieces could sit on them and leave a ‘void’ underneath that I can fill with detailed pieces.

Step 2


Next I somewhat randomly add a bunch of stuff that will be partially visible once the grid piece is laid over the top. In this first one I’ve added a couple of round pieces to resemble pipe, some guitar strings to look like cables, some random pieces of plastic and a small sheet of diamond plate plastic card.

Step 3


Done… for now.

The top piece isn’t glued on. I’ll be painting the bits underneath and then gluing the grid pieces over the top. It won’t be a terribly detailed paint job – just a spray, some washes and a drybrush or three – but it should result in a decent effect once it’s all done and dusted.

I am considering adding some strips to the grid pieces to give the whole thing another layer, time pending.

Now all I need to do is repeat all this another 30 or so times…

Hopefully once this is all done and combined with some of the Games Workshop industrial terrain it will blend together nicely.

If you’re keen for more updates they’ll be on Twitter. Alternatively if you’d like to see and details on any other components of the display board let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

If you’ve made it this far then thanks again for reading.

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