Armies on Parade 2017

Armies on Parade has been announced for 2017 and I for one am excited. I really like this event. I find it a good motivator to complete some new models. I also really enjoy the display board aspect of this as building terrain has always been something I’m excited about.

Unfortunately I don’t really have very many photos of my 2016 display. This is what I put together.


The board itself is 550mm square, made mostly out of MDF and foam and a whole lot of filler. You can see several Games Workshop kits included as well – a Bastion, Aegis Defence Line, Gun Emplacements and a few bit of Promethium Pipe.

The pieces I got the most questions about was the flooring and the walls. They’re made of MDF cut using a CNC laser cutter and I think I’ll be using this method again for 2017.

Plans for 2017

This year I’ll be putting up my Adeptus Mechanicus and I already have some ideas for the display board.

I’ll be going for a lava-theme on the bases and extending that onto the board. I am basically looking at a Adeptus Mechanicus facility built into on a lava world of some sorts.

The new Industrial Machinery will definitely come in handy for this. I’ll use several of each kit.

This is what I’m aiming for.


My scribble is probably a bit hard to understand, but the short version is the angled bit the takes up most will be the ‘floor’ of the facility. It will sit raised about a plain of rock and lava and be built into a mountainside. Some machinery in one corner, a road down the middle, some containers, a few weapon emplacements.

One thing I’m looking at is the floor of the facility and how to decorate it. I like the look of the flooring pieces that come with the new industrial machinery, but I can’t really justify the cost of buying enough kits to cover an area that large.

This is where my adventures with a CNC laser cutter are going to come back into play.

I’ll follow the build of my display board in detail over the next few months leading up to the event.

Once again thanks for reading!

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