Farewell to Heelanhammer

As I am sure most people reading this will know by now, Dan and Wayne over at Heelanhammer have put their show into a slumber. Like many others I put a reply up on Twitter saying thanks for all their hard work, but with only 140 characters to play with I decided to do a quick write up here as well.

About 18 months back I got back into the hobby after a few years of doing not much at all other than painting a Bloodbowl team and half doing a fantasy army.

When I decided to get back into the hobby one of the biggest issues for me was motivation. I am geographically separated from all my mates who play the game and I find it really hard to sit down and paint solo.

A good friend of mine recommended Podcasts as a way to keep some hobby motivation going and introduced me to Heelanhammer and Facehammer simultaneously.

I highly doubt I would have been able to get even half the hobby done that I have in the past 18 months if it wasn’t for those two podcasts and the shows wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the hard work that individuals put in to make it happen.

It’s sad to hear that you’re signing off for now but completely understandable. My son was born 3 weeks ago and I can totally appreciate the difficulty in balancing work/life/hobby.

So thankyou to Dan and Wayne for your hard work. On a more individual note a huge thankyou for your assistance in making my trip to the South Coast GT happen earlier this year. It was difficult to organise things at such a long distance and your help was invaluable in making that a smooth process.

Hopefully we’ll see you both back at some point, but if not then I wish you all the best and will hopefully get to catch up at South Coast in 2018.

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