A History in… grey

This is another history post. If you’re a follower on Twitter then you may have seen some of this before. I haven’t really posted my whole army before with shots of each unit though, so you may see something you haven’t seen before. Either way, if you choose to keep reading, enjoy!

Why Sylvaneth?

About 9 months ago I came up with an idea – I was going to make the trip from Australia to the UK for the South Coast GT 2017. After I settled on actually doing this, I got to thinking about what I was going to take. I had a few criteria:

  1. Had to be an army I hadn’t done before.
  2. I wanted to a do a ‘new’ army i.e. one that had a battletome in AOS.
  3. I wanted to paint something that I would typically steer away from. I normally pick non-organic armies, so I don’t look at Orcs or Daemons, or, trees.
  4. I wanted to paint them in an non-conventional colour scheme, which for Sylvaneth meant I wasn’t painting them brown.

Onto the army itself.

Treelord Ancient


When I first settled on Sylvaneth I wanted to do a bunch of conversions to make it look like everything was comprised of regular trees coming alive. I did it for the two Treelord models, and then kind of just… forgot about it. It’s something I regret not doing fully.

Spirit of Durthu


Like the Ancient, this guy is coming out of a tree. It’s really hard to photograph but behind the leg that’s actually a leg and not a tree trunk, the tree is actually split as though the leg has torn out of the tree.



A slight repose for this model. I wanted the Scythe in a different spot. I actually put together two Branchwych models – one straight out of the pack and this one.



I went with a Gnarlroot list so I could take an Order Wizard. I put together two with this being the first. I wanted it to look a little more ‘Sylvaneth’ styled so I chopped the whole lot in half and replaced the legs with the lower half of a Banshee.

Mistweaver Saih


The second Order Wizard that I put together, but didn’t end up using, was Mistweave Saih from the Silver Tower box set. Again there was a bit of Sylvaneth styling applied here. One leg has been entirely replaced with a tree branch.



These guys really pushed my patience when I was painting the army. I assembled 40, but only needed 20. The other 20 are sitting on my shelf awaiting paint. Dryads are an older model and as a result I find them a bit painful to put together. Happy with how they came out though.




There are two units of these and another 5 spare. Anyone painting these, I highly recommend NOT fully assembling them before painting! You can leave the ‘spirit’ bit out and paint the tree bit separately.

I did not do this.

Kurnoth Hunters

At the tournament I used two units of 3 with bows and one unit of 3 with Scythes. I didn’t decide this combination of 9 until just before the event though, so there are some extras.







Overall the army did not turn out how I originally pictured it, but the end result was still satisfying. The army received a lot of positive comments at both South Coast GT and Cancon here in Australia. I received a ‘Best Army’ nomination at both events (although I withdrew myself from the Cancon nominations because the army wasn’t actually finished at the time).

Future plans

I am working on Alarielle the Everqueen at the moment, and will also fininsh Drycha and a couple of other characters. I’m looking at attending an event in Queensland here in Australia that requires 2500pts so I’ll need to add another Battleline unit.

Other than that, I think I’m done with this army so regardless of what happens rules-wise I can’t really see myself revisiting anything.

Anyway that’s my Sylvaneth army. If you’d like to know anything specific about the army, how I painted part of it, what colours I used, drop me a message on Twitter and I’ll get back to you. I will be putting up something on how I did the bases as I had several people ask what combination of products I used for them.

As usual, thanks for reading!

P.S. I don’t want to fill this blog with adverts – that’s not what it’s about – but you may notice a link to Element Games in the menu. I started shopping there to support the Facehammer podcast which I really enjoy and credit with much of motivation to get back into the hobby. They’ve always been very good to me with fantastic customer service, even though I’m on the other side of the globe. I’d highly recommend that you check them out.

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