A History in Blue – Part 2

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen all this before, but I’m going to run through my Ultramarines army today.



This guy was originally done as a my own version of Captain Sicarius. I tried to build something that was unique, and I think I got that.

Parts list:

  • Lower legs from the Devastator box.
  • Upper legs from Assault Marine box.
  • Chest and shoulder pads from the Ultramarines upgrades pack.
  • Backpack from the plastic Space Marine Captain.
  • Sword from the Terminator Captain.
  • Bolt Pistol and arms from my bits box.
  • Cloak from the Chaos Chariot box with a lot of greenstuff to make it fit.



Straight from the Deathwatch: Overkill box, no fancy conversions here. I just really wanted to paint this model.

Command squad


Standard Command Squad with pieces from the Sternguard set. There’s a few more of these guys as well with special weapons as well.


Just the one of these. I used Venerable Dreadnought bits but I was using it just as a normal Dreadnought. I just wanted the fancy armour panels to play with.

Tactical squads



The squad with the heavy weapon was built to be ‘static’ – crouching marines, none running, individual troopers aiming their weapons rather than looking around.

The two smaller squads with the flamers (one of which has been changed to a Meltagun since these shots were taken) are built to look as they they are moving – running marines using legs from the Assault Marine box, made to look like they are advancing.

Landspeeder squadron


These are some of the models that I repainted from the original attempt at this army. I did the highlights again and added the scrolls on the sides. Each vehicle has it’s own name.

Devastator squad


Like the Tactical Squad with the Heavy Bolter, this unit is built to look static.

Small details


Each squad has full unit markings exactly as Insignium Astartes dictates.

Later additions




Note: I didn’t have the good camera for these guys so they look a little different than expected, but they are essentially the same colour blue as the rest of the army.

After the initial army was put together I more recently decided to add a few extra things. For starters was three units of Terminators. I strayed a little from my original plan on these guys as the squad markings are strictly speaking true to the Insignium Astartes.

Future plans:

I already have some additional Tactical Marines on the go to pad out the smaller squads. I’m also working on a unit of Devastator Centurions, a Razorback and a couple of Drop Pods.

On a recent trip to Warhammer World I picked up the exclusive Command Tanks as well.

The only question now is “Will the Ultramarines Blue last long enough!?”

On a semi-related note, if you happen to have any pots of Ultramarines Blue that you don’t particularly want, I will happily buy them off you!

Until next time, thanks for reading.

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