A History in Blue – Part 1

My Ultramarines are probably my best work to date. I put a lot of time and effort into their production and I am very happy with the end result.

Why Ultramarines?

I always wanted to paint a very ‘pure’ Ultramarines army. I’ve actually done it before but the end result wasn’t nearly as good. Some elements of the army I have now are reused with touched up paint jobs.

I was drawn to them because I wanted to produce an army that was true to the Codex Astartes. A long time ago I bought a copy of the Insignium Astartes book and I followed the uniform markings to the letter.


In a somewhat contradictory choice however I combined several marks of armour to produce all of my models – helmets, legs and boltguns from the Betrayal at Calth marines, only chest plates with Imperial Eagles and only shoulder pads that would allow for a bold trim.


What prompted the army?

They were originally put together for an event held in Melbourne in Australia in 2016 called The Norris 1000. It’s a 1000 point Warhammer 40,000 tournament that has a higher focus on hobby then most events out there. For me it was a great excuse to paint up a small force and really push myself to produce a great end product. Without going into the list too much it’s basically a demi-company formation.

So, what colour blue is that?

This was probably a terrible mistake on my behalf, but I used Ultramarines Blue for the armour – that’s the old colour that doesn’t exist anymore. I have one pot left, so my ability to add to the army is limited. Certainly not a great choice at the time and one that I am definitely regretting.


I ended up taking Best Painted army at the event in a field of approximately 70 participants and a month later I snagged gold in Armies on Parade at my local store. All in all they were a definite success.

The army has received a lot of love on Twitter and some positive comments from many great hobbyists.

I’ll put another couple of post with some shots of the army. All of this can be found on my Twitter account if you’re a follower.

Until next time, thanks for reading!

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